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Big Oxen Co. - Cleaning Services!

Cleaning Help

Cleaners Bloomington Indiana

Hire professional cleaners for annual, one time, or special circumstance cleaning. All basic cleaning supplies are provided, small and large crews available depending on what the job entails!

All cleaning crews are sent with basic cleaning equipment including brooms, mops, rags, general cleaning chemicals, etc.

Cleaners and Packers

Hiring cleaners will greatly cut down on the "chore list" and can provide you with some much needed relief from your routine. Have us come by once, twice, or even four times a month to keep your home looking squeaky clean!

Happy Customers
Pleased Clients

Residential & Commercial

Residential and commercial needs best suited to your request. Insured and reliable services available at you home or business.

We can take care of your carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and daily cleaning needs. Just go ahead and call today to discuss what is best suited for your individuals or businesses needs!

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