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Welcome! Big Oxen Company is a local christian based, veteran, and native american owned business based out of Bloomington Indiana. We offer many services in moving, relocation, and also contracting home services including cleaning and home remodeling/renovation. Our contractors bring more than  35 years of experience to every job. - About Us

We are glad you found our website and we're confident you'll find our services professional, worthwhile, and friendly. Moving companies can be expensive, however there are many benefits to hiring a full service moving crew. Movers listed in the classifieds are a good way to get overcharged and find unprofessional services without insurance or general customer service skills to do the job the right way. 


Choosing us is a good way to avoid moving scams and subpar service.  We have heard stories of possessions being held, hidden fees, and charging a lot more money than initially quoted. Dishonest reviews and paid reviewers are often found made from movers and non customers. Also labor companies like moving help from uHaul and others allow pretty much anyone to pretend they are a moving professional.  Full service means we will be with you every step of the way with door-to-door direct service.



If you are moving and want quality help with your home items, Big Oxen Company is  here to help. You'll find your moving experience handled with care and professionalism. With a large pool of reliable and experienced movers. Feel confident in knowing we can move your home items safely and securely. Offering liability insurance, door stops, carts, dollies, blankets and more, we know the tricks of the trade to make things easy!


Big Oxen Company has traveled the country time and time again. Here are some places we have delivered to in 2018 outside of Indiana: Louisville KY, Southfield MI, Hillsboro OR, St. Petersburg FL, Moscow ID, Chicago IL, Little Rock AR, and Oklahoma . In 2017 Dallas TX, San Fransisco CA, Daytona and Ft. Myers FL, Polson MO, Arlington VA, and Chicago IL. In 2016 Princeton NJ, Pittsburgh PA, Chicago IL, Columbus OH, and more. Save the hassle, call us today! 8129550745

Don't fall for the big name companies promotions on how to save big by hiring loaders & unloaders on both ends of your relocation. By the time you rent the truck, pay for lodging, food, and fuel you will quickly see we are not expensive, AND, we receive discounted mileage/rental rates which we can pass on to you!

Confusing terms and conditions filled with “mover jargon”. Do you know what an Acceleration Clause is? How about a CC&R order? We do, but you shouldn’t have to in order to understand your 50-page full service moving agreement. Unclear pricing and overcharging. Most full service movers give you a price quote based on a high-ball estimate of how much your belongings weigh. If they weigh less, you still get charged the same amount. If they weigh more, you pay more. Week-long delivery windows. Almost all full service moving companies will not give you a specific day on which your belongings will be delivered, much less a specific time. Until they “get around to it”, you’re left with an empty home.

Clear, easy-to-understand contract. Our full service moving agreement is a simple 5-page document with easy to understand language, outlining the services to be performed, when and how they’ll be done, and how much it will cost. Period. Up-front, binding quote. We provide you with a binding quote for your full service move, detailing exactly how much it will cost down to the penny. Once you’ve signed off on the price, it will never go up. GUARANTEED dates and times. We provide each customer with an exact date and an hour window at which we will arrive to load your belongings, as well as arrive at your destination to unload. No more guessing, no living out of a suitcase for days.

Offering services such as Cleaning, Home Remodeling, Tree Trimming, Deck & Patio, Commercial (Insured) services, and more! We can supply you with the manpower needed for the job.


We look forward to contracting with you on your next home project. Bringing local professionals with years of experience to the job is what you can expect.


More time working, less time hiring. Time is money! Working with us helps free up all the time it takes to hire skilled and general labor. With our large selection of skilled laborers to choose from, you won’t have to conduct a single interview or background check to staff your project. By taking advantage of our large pool of experienced workers, avoid all of the hassles involved with the hiring process. Most general labor staffing agencies offer a labor guarantee. This ensures you receive the most qualified laborers suited for your needs. You’ll discover that the big burden of hiring a new employee or team has been lifted off your shoulders, and that you’ll have more freedom and flexibility to focus on what you do best.

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